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About Cafe Desire

Together in Success Journey

To say Cafe Desire installs coffee and tea vending machines at various places, supplies beverage mixes and extends service for those machines is very true. That’s the essence of what we do – but it hardly tells the whole story...

Our vending machines have become a beacon for offices everywhere. Why do they insist on Cafe Desire? Because they know they can count on genuine service, an inviting experience and a superb cup richly done coffee and tea every time.

Our products

It has always been, and will always be, about quality. We’re passionate about ethically sourcing the finest raw material with great care, and improving our own standards from time to time to meet our customers’ expectations. We care deeply passionate about all of this, our work is never done.

Our standards of Business Conduct & Thought Process

We know that as we deliver in each of these areas, we enjoy the kind of success that rewards our customers, franchisees and other stake holders. We are fully accountable to get each of these elements right so that Cafe Desire – and everyone it touches – can endure and thrive.

Cafe Desire believes that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing are vital to the success of the company.

Business Ethics and Compliance is a program that supports Our Cafe Desire Mission and helps protect our culture and our reputation by providing resources that help employees make ethical decisions at work.

Today, being the fastest growing vending brand in the country apart from its global presence.

Cafe Desire is the premier vending company of specialty coffee and tea with largest service team in the country. And with every cup, we strive to bring both our heritage and an exceptional experience to life.

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